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Please help me authenticate a Uniflite

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  • Please help me authenticate a Uniflite

    I recently purchased what I think is a 23' 1972/73 Uniflite sport fisherman.
    When I lifted it into the dry dock for renovation I was dismayed to hear that it weighs 2500lb.
    It has a Chrysler 318 and paragon v drive. Does anybody have any information on this boat?
    Cheers, chris
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    First off, WELCOME to the site! Whatever it is you have, it looks like a great boat to play with! 2500 lbs seems shockingly light! My 17' Chris-Craft ski boat is 2500 lbs!! This is either an error in he yard's scale or you were lucky enough to find a very dry boat!!

    Unfortunately there is very little documentation left over for the Uniflite brand. I can tell from the hull lines that is definitely a Uniflite but beyond that there is nearly no way to identify one model from the next unless you find an old timer who knew the brand...
    Brian Flaherty

    "How can you discover great lands, with your feet planted in the sand"

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      I agree with Brian on the Uniflite information. There Has to be someone out there setting on all the smaller boat information, some storage or warehouse that I would like to see become available.
      There was a Uniflite website but they catered mainly to the larger 26 and larger boats.

      Most of the information we had on the PNW boats we submitted to as they have the largest of boat library available (no reason to duplicate it) that you might check out.

      There are a few of us on here that have the 17 footers (quite rare to find as well) but again, not much available as of yet.

      I do remember that some of the 70's Bell Boys were going to that double hull with the foam between them that would soak up water and become next to worthless.

      I also had a 24 foot Fiberform boat that on each side of the keel it had two pockets that ran forward and aft. They had those foam blocks in the chambers that would also soak up water and have to be removed. At least you could remove them and use the Closed cell foam.

      Pretty sure you are a single hull boat owner but any foam pocket you might have, that old foam needs to go.

      As far as your engine, can't get much better than the marine Mopar 318. About the only problem I ever knew about those engines were that at super high RPM's that the valve spring keepers would come off some and she would swallow a valve destroying the engine. This is NOT a common problem as most of those will run until they have no compression left.

      If she is not fresh water cooled, I would make that happen and also in the salt water make sure you have your zinks installed.

      With all the freeboard you have, she will handle pretty much any water you want to take her in.

      Now we Do have a few folks here that have salt in there veins that might be able to come up with more information for you so keep checking in.

      And, Welcome to the group !!

      Helmar Joe Johanesen
      1959 Skagit 20ft Offshore, 1959 Skagit 16ft Skimaster,
      1961 17ft Dorsett Catalina.1958 Uniflite 17 ft
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      2 40hp Johnsons, several smaller Old kickers for a total of 12

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        anecdotal year seems right It appears to be out of a Salty pup mold rare and desirable boat I know of four now. Get back to us on the weight it could easily weigh three times that glassed in 2x8 stringers and 3/4 plywood throughout.


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          Thanks for the great responses everyone! This is exactly the type of community I was hoping to find.
          I live in Coquitlam, BC and I am actually in the process of setting up this boat for salmon guiding in the Straight of Georgia.
          I can confirm the weight is 2500lbs, they weighed it again for me 2 days ago at shelter island. They're confident in the accuracy of their lift, it's a very busy facility.
          It's definitely a single hull, very clean. I can see the pattern of the hand layed glass on the inside of the hull. The inside of the bilge/stringers looks well cared for with a thick coat of paint. 2x8 stringers is something I will confirm today.

          Cheers, Chris Heatley