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Thread: Riddle me this Batman

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    I have a merc 115 with a serial # that reads A191431. I can not find this number anywhere. Ive been told it is an 86' 115. Any ideas? John

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    Hmm... quite odd, Riddler. Serials designated with "A" start in the A9-----. Could it be that once the number rolls past A999999 it goes back to A1-----?

    If this is true then that would put your motor as an '86.

    Maybe your engine was near the end of the production run before they switched to the "B" designation.

    A907777 to A999999 is 90,000 motors

    Then just guessing here:

    A110000 to A191431 (yours) is about 80,000 motors. That's not even 200,000 motors.

    Assuming they produced more than that, this theory makes sense. Mind you, I have no idea on the number of motors produced ever year because I know that in the past with the older engines, Kiekhaefer Mercury would sometimes randomly assign serials confusing matters.

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    Shouldn't that read

    "Kiekhaefer Mercury would sometimes randomly assign serials to intentionally confuse competitors."
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    Thanks for the link on the Mercury Outboards. I finally found the year of my Belgiun made, 25hp motor. Its a 1993!!!!! I've had the 1958 Reinell Jetabout since March and couldn't find the year. This helps me in selling this motor so I can find a vintage Merc for my Reinell.

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    "This helps me in selling this motor so I can find a vintage Merc for my Reinell."
    Hum-m-m-m-m???? It sounds like you might want to visit my lil Mercury Magic Shop, and see a 'few' vintage Merc' options.
    Doc Frankenmerc
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    Time to clean my garage......thanx for humbling me Thom!
    Nice "working" collection btw.
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    I like the two chairs. Someplace for the Doc to set while visiting his patients. Nice setup Thom, I like it. Sweet collection of Merc's. :cool1:
    Steve Kiesel
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    Mercury Showroom

    Wow, Doc, that must be the new garage/(showroom?) you were working on at the beginning of the year. It would be a pleasure to just sit in the middle of that room and, gaze at those beautiful works of art for hours.

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    Thanks guys!
    I have to keep things in order to be able to get anything done.
    Those pictures are in the small shop where I do most all the Mercury Magic.
    I used a picture of RJY007's Mark75-Glasspar G3 for my contact cards.
    See attached pixs.
    I also included a picture on the new garage which is now FULL of boats for the long cold winter ahead.
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    Doc Frankenmerc
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    And of course, the MAGIC worked. Had a lot of fun on Mason Lake this fall with the G3/Mark75. Now its off to the AOMCI local chapter meeting today at LaConner to see if anyone is giving away any merc stuff!

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