Hey all.
I think I need to keep adding things to this and might even make up a Q&A for some of it.
Some folks have had problems posting and replying.

What I am finding is, some functions go really fast, others, tend to take a few seconds.
Like for instance.
I go to Reply to someones post. I almost have to count to 5 (seconds) for the Quoted part of the text shows up.
Once it does, put your courser down to the bottom of the quote area and just press your Enter keep to drop it down a line or two.

I see another function take longer than I feel it should and its when I Edit a post. Seems to get hung up but if I look at the button that I had to click on, it will go light gray once pushed. Once it goes back to dark gray or full color, its finished, just doesn't look like it. You can click on or move to some place else or log out.