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Thread: Greetings!

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    Yep Helmar that is for the upper helm windshield. He said the cabin windows (both fronts and sliders) are around $360 for the 4. Iíll be doing the whole shebang this winter. The endoscope is a brilliant idea, iíll be employing that, thanks! now if we could just get a few more nice days before the weather turns crap for 6 months..

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    That is an amazing price... <said after I picked my jaw up of the floor!>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
    That is an amazing price... <said after I picked my jaw up of the floor!>
    I just talked to this fellow on the phone, Bret is his name and its a family run business and Growing.

    If a windshield is broken even in Lots of pieces, he can still do a mold and recreate the windows.

    I think this is out answer as Kelly, you were quoted some crazy price up in the Seattle area?. What was the details on that.
    Better yet, I will start a thread in the restore area about this.

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    Yeah and heís a UW graduate who lived in Ballard where he developed his love for boats. Good guy

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    Wow. That is a really good price.

    Enjoy that boat. She is a cutie!
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