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Thread: Counter rotating Evinrude?

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    Did Evinrude ever make counter rotating outboards?

    I was thinking a pair of 40 horse Evinrudes would be ideal for my '59 Clippercraft.
    '59 Clippercraft, 35 hp Evinrude

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    Counter rotating OMC

    Brian ,
    I recently sold a lower unit(a bit newer than the old ones,76-85) I took on trade and ended up buying it back as it went really well in reverse.......???
    Haven`t figured out why but I am re-sealing one just like it that does spin the correct way.....clockwise on the drive gets you clockwise on the lower propshaft.Mine goes opposite and I haven`t found a prop to make it work.
    I`m thinking it got assembled backwards........ the idea of twinsees is intriguing.OMC usually did Counter-rotating on bigger models and it seemed at the boat factory,some motors got special lowers ordered and sent back to OMC in exchange for the backwards turning unit.
    Wicked Holeshots,and the hum of multiple cyls in stereo would be choice.
    The safety of getting home above troll speeds if one engine failed is why a lot of BC coastal boaters only go with pairs.
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    That's kind of what I was thinking of. I'm looking at that Columbia, the current, the barges and some pretty big honkin' waves. Half power sounds pretty nice compared with something way less. Especially if you can troll going back in. And I got kids to think of.

    Yeah, I guess that would be a trick finding a prop that's designed for backwards. I'll have to check into the effects of having both screws turning the same way.

    If it's not that big a problem for a smaller 17' boat, that would be one big problem solved. Then you just have to find matching engines, dual controls and getting everything installed, tuned and aligned.

    Might be worth keeping an eye out on craigs list, see what pops up.
    '59 Clippercraft, 35 hp Evinrude

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    I remember reading somewhere that counter rotating props were not necessary when using lower HP motors. I researched it quite a bit before deciding to put twin 35's on mine for next season.

    Does anyone here have any experience running twin OMC 35'3 or 40's (non counter rotating)?
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    A way long time ago, my father had a friend in Illwco that had a Seafair Sedan with twin 50 Mercs. We went out over the bar a number of times on that 17 footer. He had the twins because 60's motors could fail in his opinion and he wanted to get home. His were not counterrotating. i think he just tweaked the trim on the lower to accomodate the added torque. and this was before single cable steering and No Feedback systems. Unless in neutral, there was always a hand on the helm. They sounded really cool, and with a whopping 100 HP, we were FAST. If I could find a twin for my Honda, I'd be running twins!
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    Counter Rotating Outboards

    The idea of counter rotating propellers on small outboards is nice, but not necessary. Steering torque is the only reason albeite dock manuvering.
    It's a minimal issue in my opinion....

    My Saratogan with twin diesels does have counter rotating propellers..

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    Quote Originally Posted by McSkagit Tim Jones, post: 8010
    The idea of counter rotating propellers on small outboards is nice, but not necessary. Steering torque is the only reason albeite dock manuvering.
    It's a minimal issue in my opinion....

    My Saratogan with twin diesels does have counter rotating propellers..


    We had a late model Skagit 24 with twin Johnson 100s on it. Because both motors were right handers the thing had a constand 10 or so degree lean to port. The thing could be corrected for a time by turning the wheel to starboard, but eventually to get back on course you had to turn the other way. I suggested trim tabs not know what the problem was.

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    When we repowered the Glasspar Mariner in 1994 Mike was looking to get counter rotating OMCs, but they were not available in 70 HP range. We used the motor trim to correct the tilt and hydralic steering for engine torgue. It was very touchy above 30MPH.

    The Hydro steering is for sale cheap.


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    Started backward

    My Fat 60 was not idleing correctly so I cast off and slammed it into reverse. I actually went into forward so I threw it forward and it reversed in time to avoid hitting the big expensive boat in front of me at 10th street. (Ah, chalk up another reason for having insurance). What happened is it started on a backfire. I was told there is supposed to be a safety feature to keep this from happening but mine failed. So My thought is if it can accidently start backward and run. Couldn't you configure it to run backward. What would it take to get the starter to rotate the other way to start with. John

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    I'm no expert...but isn't this the same theory as the old "dock buster" Merc's?
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