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    In October I will be 90 years old. Probably it is time to stop thinking that I am going to continue to do much boating, which I began when I was 13.. I need to find good homes for some of my stuff, but it does not appear that a thriving market for boats and motors exists right now, at least not in our forum. I seek advice from those more experienced than I on such matters. Please convey your helpful thoughts to me as I am hunkered down at home in Issaquah because of the pandemic. Looking for good homes for a 1975 19-ft Glasspar 191 with a 1975 Mercury 150-hp inline OB, a Vanson trailer for that rig, a 1967 14-ft aluminum Mirrocraft Resorter with a 1967 9.5-hp Evinrude OB. Boats are in reasonable shape, motors are functional, all underwent refurbishing a few years ago, with extra features added..The trailer is good, and has a spare wheel and tire.

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    Well, I have disposed of my Glasspar 191 and my 150 hp Merc 1500 inline, after having them for forty-five years. I still have my 14 ft Mirrrocraft Resorter with its 9.5 hp Evinrude Sportwin, so I can still go fishing if I ever want to do so again. I have been boating since I was 13, so now at 90 I am feeling a little boat-deprived. Time sure as heck keeps marching on. I plan to continue lurking and watching here, but I guess that I am out of the game. Many of you have been helpful to me in years past, and I appreciate it. So long.