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We have New Users, Please tell us about yourselves.

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  • We have New Users, Please tell us about yourselves.

    I know we have new users to the group, plus we have some Long time fiberglassic users that have just singed up on the new forum.

    Please, just start a NEW thread and introduce yourselves, what you do, what boat you have or are looking for.
    Helmar Joe Johanesen
    1959 Skagit 20ft Offshore, 1959 Skagit 16ft Skimaster,
    1961 17ft Dorsett Catalina.1958 Uniflite 17 ft
    Outboards: 2.5 Bearcats, 3 50hp White shadow Mercs
    2 40hp Johnsons, several smaller Old kickers for a total of 12

    Our Sister club

    Oh, and Where is Robin Hood when you need him??

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    Hi All,
    I'm Scott Christianson and I've recently gotten to a point of finish on my 1960 Thompson Sea Lancer that I can say she is ready to use and not abuse(too much). So, Richard did try to enlist me for the past weekend, but I wasn't quite ready-sounds like fun though and my Dad lives right above the Foss Waterway. Well, next year as the saying goes.
    I hope to make the upcoming Treasure Hunt and anything else before that.
    My background is: a few years back I went through the Boatbuilding school in Seattle then did some volunteer work on the Virginia V steamship which went through a $6mil restoration (the boat school built the new pilothouse-I helped on the "furniture" in the day cabin and continue to do various projects ((varnishing, hatchcovers, etc.) on board and deck hand on a continuing basis for events held on board. I've been working on my 100 Ton license and will be doing some mate training soon and who knows...Also, my great grandfather was a regular commuter on the boat when she was the I-5 of the day in the 30's. It's fun to hear passengers' stories of their V-5 experiences.
    Well, there you have a nutshell and hope to see you soon!
    By the way I do have blue canoe-wood/canvas that I went to Maine and built and she's a beaut if I do say so!
    Calm seas, Scott


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      Welcome Scott! Do you have any pictures you can post for some of these projects? They sound really interesting !
      Rick & Sarah

      1959 Larson "Falls Flyer"


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        Welcome Scott, looks like we're neighbors, I'm in Lake Forest Park also. Love to see some photos of your boat.



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          Wecome to the club Scott. Sounds like you have great future ahead of you in the maritime field. I plan on being at the Alder Lake treasure hunt as well. Look forward to meeting you and seeing Sea Lancer.
          Steve Kiesel
          1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan


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            Welcome Aboard...

            Look forward to meeting you, and seeing your beautiful Thompson, at the Alder Lake event.

            Hope Richard makes it, too, although he isn't computer-equipped and may not see our message-board comments.

            - Marty

            "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White


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              Thanks for all the welcomes!

              Here's some pics of my boat. Marty-i'll be sending off some $ to help defray the costs of this website which I think is pretty cool!
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                New to site, lurking in the background

                Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Ron Wiebe. I live in Bellingham a few blocks from the ocean. I own a 1958 Glastron Surf flite with a 1958 Johnson super seahorse 35. I bought it earlier this year. It had been sitting in a garage in Seattle for about eight years. I need a key for the ignition and a few pieces of fuel line before I can drop it in the pond. I also own a 1959 Redfish. It has an early 60s Johnson 45 hp. This boat has the huge fins and also the fiberglass roof. It needs a new floor fiberglass in and a paint job among other things to make it complete. I am also restoring a 1957 Chevrolet nomad and have almost finished a 1955 Airstream "flying cloud".
                I would like to put the Glastron in the water this year but I have to see how my time goes. I enjoy this site and would like to meet others' in Bellingham who have similar interests in boats.



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                  Wecome aboard Ron. Nice to have another Bellinghamster in the forum. We have shared interests. You can see 2 of the boats we own in my album , haven't taken any shots of the Stiletto as yet. We have a '55 Nomad that was our driver for many years until we put our '34 Ply cpe on the road but will be putting the cpe up for auction to provide funds for updating the Nomad this next winter.Again welcome.
                  1958 Skagit 20 Offshore hardtop cruiser "Kanigo"


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                    new to the group

                    well hi all i'm new new here too but never posted to introduce myself well here goes my name is ron live in everett getting married have two children one on the way and have a couple boat progects now the first one is a 59 fiberform with a 68 motor and outdrive needs a lot of help.the second i just got the other day wich is a homade centerboard daysailer wodden sailboat not to bad of shape little wood replacement and gotta sand and re apoxy the wood wichthe boat was done with cold molded cedar. does anyone know much about the west system epoxy for old wood boats. i actually got a hold of the gentelman that built the boat sometine in the mid seventies and he's the one that told me wut he used doesn't remember much about the boat but said that the phone call was a call out of the blue he hadn't thought about that boat for over thirty neone that might have some info or know of good place around the snohomish county area or puget sound for that matter to find this west systems epoxy or to find materials for either boat.
                    thanks much for the forums happy boating!!!!
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                    unknown year 10ft hydro
                    1984 bayliner capri 1975 merc 115


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                      Originally posted by Helmar, post: 3001
                      I know we have new users to the group, plus we have some Long time fiberglassic users that have just singed up on the new forum.

                      Please, just start a NEW thread and introduce yourselves, what you do, what boat you have or are looking for.
                      Hi everyone, I'm new here too. I don't have a boat, but am helping my computer illiterate dad with his new toy. He just got a 1968 16' fiberform that is in cherry condition. It was stored in a climate controlled storage for many years and only has about 20 hours on her since new. It has 2 mercury motors (65HP & 6 HP) that the paint on the original props hasn't even worn off of yet. His problem is that he is an old fisherman and not a classic lover. He is looking for a way to steer the kicker motor when he is fishing because the arm hits the side of the boat when he turns to the right. He is so frustrated that he is already thinking of selling the boat. I am trying to help him find a way to do this without him destroying the classic luster of the boat so I started checking out this site. Looks like a great site with a lot of nice boats owned by the members.


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                        Freeair- Welcome to the site. I'm an old fisherman like your Dad and also a classic boat nut. In response to your dads problem with the kicker motor steering, have him check with Bayside Marine in Everett. They carry two types of kicker motor steering systems, EZ Steer and one made by Stearns. The EZ Steer is kinda pricey but is the one to use for certain applications. I have tried both but prefer the Stearns on my boat because I can attach it from inside the boat after launching without hanging over the stern, as in the case of the EZ Steer. Also, it doesn't require the permanently attached bands around the lower unit like the EZ Steer system.
                        If you go for the Stearns system, I would suggest the stainless model over the zinc. Hope this helps.
                        Kent & Diane
                        '58 Westerner


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                          Westerner - Thanks for the info, very helpful. We will check into these systems. Any suggestions on throttle controls as well?


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                            Freeair- About the throttle controls, that would all depend on the year and model of your outboard. The person I would start with is Norm Boddy at Norm's Outboard Repair. He has done much work with our club and comes highly recommended. He is in Edmonds and his # is (425) 670-0840. If he can't help you I'm sure he'll put you in touch with someone who does.
                            Kent & Diane
                            '58 Westerner


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                              New to the Group


                              I am new to the group. I stumbled across your site a few weeks ago when I was searching for information on Bell Boy express cruisers. Spent a lot of years restoring British sports cars but I have never owned a boat. Still finishing work on a new house my wife and I built in Washougal WA. It has a great view of the Columbia river which started the boat itch. If I can get things under control with the house and convince her, I hope to pick up a project for this winter. Marty looks like he has a couple of interesting ones for sale. Great site!

                              Best Regards