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Thread: newbie with a 59' Dorsett Catalina

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    Hi everyone! I recently bought a 1959 Dorsett Catalina with a unknown year 85 hp Chrysler (I dont plan on keeping). The Boat floats and goes but is in serious need of restoration. I have a little experience in floor replacement as I replaced the floor in my 73 Capitol ski boat. However I have never replaced stringers or transoms and I'm almost sure the Dorsett is in need of both. So I will be frequenting this forum for info and help. I live in northern California near Redding so if there is anyone with more experience than me feel free to contact me and give a few pointers, I will appreciate all the help I can get. I look forward to learning from everyone and making new Glassic friends!




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    Welcome, Mick...

    Nice to see another Dorsett; I'm sure you'll enjoy the boat, especially after finishing the restoration work.

    Welcome to the forum. If you post detailed photos of problem areas as you begin the surgery, I'm sure other members will contribute thoughts about how to proceed with the work.

    Have you decided if you'll be searching for an original Dorsett wraparound windshield? I might have a Dorsett windshield that'll fit your Catalina, if you want to give me the width dimension.

    - Marty

    "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White

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    Hi Marty!

    Hey Marty, Yeah I am defiantly going to be looking for the correct wrap-around windshield...I will get the measurements and see if yours will fit. I took a closer look at the boat today and basically decided that the transom, floor, and bulkhead need to be replaced. from what I have researched I will need to split the boat in two (top deck from hull). So I guess to get started I need to find out how to do this?? Looks like I just remove the rub rail, cut at the seam and separate the two parts?? I guess I should start a thread in the Boat restoration forum because I am going to have a lot of questions.

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    Nice Dorsett. Certainly worth the effort to restore. Haven't seen one of those A100 pickups in a while either. I had one years ago and loved it. Welcome to the site. B

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    I recently replaced the transom rear floor and cabin bulkhead on my 1960 Catalina. I did not need to separate the entire cabin top I just cut out the motor well to access the rear of the boat, then glassed it back in again

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    WOO HOO just got my 16' dorsett cuddy and am doing the demo now,floor stringers ,transom !
    Need an upper windshild I have the alum lower mount/rail.
    Please help
    Russ 425-220-4356

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    nice find, i just found a very similar boat like yours, i posted on the forum "help wanted" take a look if you can


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